LaTasha is passionate about the people in her community! As your State Delegate, LaTasha will ensure that you are always represented in Annapolis. As a fellow 24th District resident and business owner, she is committed to voicing the issues that impact you and your families. LaTasha remains on the front lines advocating for excellence and equality in our education system, public safety initiatives, returning citizens policies and youth engagement programs.

LaTasha is committed to the following issues:


LaTasha believes our children deserve to receive a 1st class education. She is committed to advocating for accountability on our school board, by ensuring that our elected board members are able to make the necessary changes to move our school system forward. Prince George’s County students lag behind other jurisdictions in academic achievement. While our schools are showing progress, LaTasha is committed to implementing changes to produce results to improve our children’s academic performance, making them competitive and hirable in the 21st-century job market.

Public Safety

LaTasha believes our communities should be safe places to live, work and play. LaTasha is committed to identifying and implementing safety policies that have been effective in reducing crime and traffic accidents in communities similar to ours. LaTasha's seeks to improve your safety and quality of life by partnering with you to improve community engagement, prevention initiatives and support the enforcement of safety policies.

Returning Citizens

LaTasha believes our returning citizens should have a seat at the table as well. These residents are our neighbors, coworkers, and parents of our next generation. Most want to move past their mistakes to create stability for their families. LaTasha is committed to creating opportunities for our returning citizens to be included and succeed. Through policy changes, all residents, including returning citizens can be positive contributors in our communities.

Youth Engagement

LaTasha believes our youth need to be stimulated and empowered. Our young people are one of our county's greatest resources. LaTasha is committed to engaging our youth through programs that will give them opportunities to get involved in improving our communities and voice issues that impact them. If we fail to give our youth opportunities to flourish we are neglecting the future of Prince George’s County.