Meet LaTasha

LaTasha Ward is currently a Member of the Prince Georges County Democratic Central Committee.

A product of the Prince George’s County Public School system, LaTasha graduated from Fairmont Heights High School where she developed leadership and teambuilding skills. She attended Saint Peter’s College in New Jersey on a full basketball scholarship, and obtained her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing. Having a heart to serve others, LaTasha pledged Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Zeta Chapter.

Choosing to aid the at-risk population, LaTasha started her career as a counselor for Eckerd Youth Challenge Program in 1993 located in Doncaster, Maryland. Within a year she was hired as a Unit Manager at Thomas O' Farrell Youth Program 1994 in Marriottsville, Maryland. In 1995 she was asked to help spearhead The Maryland Juvenile Boot Camp in Doncaster, Maryland as an Aftercare Case Manager for boys in Prince George's and Montgomery counties. LaTasha finished her career as the Program Coordinator for a Girls' Outreach Program in Arlington, Virginia to run her own business in 2007.

LaTasha continued a path of service as a member of Jericho City of Praise (JCOP). LaTasha served on the Deacon Board at JCOP for over 16 years. Through her service, LaTasha developed her passion to impact the lives of young teens and put her time and energy in mentoring and educating. She found sports and recreation were positive outlets and vehicles to reach the youth in the Landover Community. In 2002, she helped start an Athletic Ministry at JCOP and Co-Directed a successful Christian Basketball league for five years. The league united over 25 teams from seven different churches and showed participants the importance of working together as a team to achieve goals.

In 2008 and 2012 LaTasha registered Prince George's county residents to vote, helping to elect and re-elect President Barack H. Obama. In 2010 LaTasha worked in both the primary and general elections to educate and increase voter turnout in the 24th Legislative District. LaTasha was the Campaign Manager and Strategist for Candidate Greg Hall for the House of Delegates Legislative District 24. LaTasha ran and operated a grassroots campaign helping Greg receive five endorsements and placing him 4th out of ten other candidates his first time ever running for office. Her efforts positioned him to become the Central Committee’s choice candidate, on November 2, 2012 Greg was nominated by the Central Committee to replace Delegate Tiffany Alston’s vacant seat.

LaTasha first put her name on the ballot in 2014 to become a member of the Democratic Central Committee. LaTasha ran a successful grassroots campaign and was elected by the people on June 26, 2014 receiving 5,658 votes. LaTasha was elected by her committee to serve as the Assistant Treasurer from 2014 to 2016.

She has worked tirelessly to improve safety in her community. She petitioned to have a three-way traffic light installed by the Addison Road Metro Station on Central Avenue where multiple traffic fatalities have occurred.

LaTasha worships at Zion church and currently resides in the Holmehurst community within the 24th District. She has one child - a beautiful daughter, Tahjai. LaTasha owns and operates a convenience store and a marketing/consulting company, both in the 24th District.

LaTasha is a successful business owner, a woman of faith and is passionate about the people in her community. She believes in utilizing strong leadership, forging partnerships and developing inclusive teams to overcome challenges. She is an activist who has fought daily for safe and strong communities. LaTasha will continue to serve others to ensure Maryland has an efficient government that functions to meet the needs of its people.